Website design

What will the cost components involved in my website be?

The cost of designing and building your website:

  • This is a once off cost paid to BorisHenry that you can pay in one go or in monthly installments.

The cost of the platform used to design, build, host and manage your website:

  • This is a monthly charge paid to Squarespace which is the platform we’ll be building your site with

  • US$18 / monthly paid annually or US$26 / month paid monthly

The cost of your web address:

  • This is a recurring annual charge paid to a web URL provider like GoDaddy

  • This is usually +/- US$25 or R300 / year, depending on which URL you choose

The optional cost of a bespoke website training video:

  • This is an introduction video explaining the core backend functions you’ll need to carry out on your website.

  • This video is filmed specifically for your website

  • R1200 or US$90

My business is not able to afford expensive agency fees paid up front – do you offer a payment plan?


BorisHenry offers a payment plan for businesses that aren’t able to pay full agency fees in one go. We do your design up front and offer you a montly payment plan. If you are able to pay full fees up front, we offer you a discount.

What is Squarespace and why do I need it?

The best way to describe Squarespace is to describe the process of building your dream home. You need an architect, a builder, building blocks, a piece of land and a street address. You also need to be able to live comfortably in your home once it's built, adding your own touches. BorisHenry is the architect and builder – we design and build your website for a once off design fee. We design and build your website using Squarespace – an online website platform. We do this using Squarespace’s building blocks, which include things like galleries, text boxes, picture blocks, banners, blogs, menus and plugins. Once we've finished your website, it needs to be hosted and synced with a web address so that your viewers can find it. Squarespace is self-hosted and provides you with the 'piece of land' - in other words, the place on the internet - where your website is safely hosted. Once we’ve created your site, we give you your Squarespace logins. It's a bit like if we'd just built you a new home and were handing over the keys. Because of the sleek and easy to use Squarespace backend, our clients can maintain their sites on their ownonce we're done with the design. No coding or tech knowledge necessary. If you'd just moved into a new home, you'd want to be able to add your own small touches right? It's critical that you can add a new blog post, change a class time, add new photographs / events / retreats / workshops by yourself. 

Squarespace looks like it costs a pretty penny. What makes it worth paying for?

When you are weighing up which website platform you’d like your site built on, there are a number of factors to consider. Factors like design flexibility, ease of use, apps and plugins, maintenance, hosting, added extras. When it comes to designing beautiful, professional websites for our clients which they can easily maintain themselves, we choose Squarespace. Squarespace offers:

  • Stunning award winning design templates – your website will look professional.

  • The ability to really customise the design of your site – your website will be unique. 

  • Best web practices when it comes to responsive site design – your website will look perfect across all devices from laptops to mobile devices to tablets.

  • An easy ‘drag ‘n drop’ backend interface – you’ll be able to edit and add to your site very easily yourself once it’s been designed.

  • 24 hour support – you’ll get personalized support from Squarespace’s fantastic support team anytime you need it.

  • Comphrehensive analytics – you’ll be able to see how and where your site is being used by viewers. 

  • Top-of-the-line security – your website will be secure.

  • Built in apps and features that are maintained and upgraded automatically – your apps (i.e. Instagram plugin or Mailchimp newsletter feature or email form) are designed and therefore automatically upgraded by Squarespace

  • Unlimited hosting – your site is automatically ‘housed’ on the internet with Squarespace

After weighing up the pros and cons, we’ve chosen Squarespace for all of our own websites and stand wholeheartedly behind it as the platform of choice for our clients. It’s important to do your own research too though and let us know if you have any questions.

Will my website look and function exactly how I want it to?

Yes and no.

 At BorisHenry we are front-end web designers. This means that we work on a website platform that provides us with website building blocks. We don’t actually code those building blocks from scratch. The website platform we work on is Squarespace. Squarespace offers a range of beautiful website templates which BorisHenry chooses from and then strips bare. Stripping the template bare means that we are able to create a site tailored to your needs, instead of forcing them to be met into a pre-defined design. There is a lot of flexibility to customise within the parameters of Squarespace's templates. Enough to make your website highly distinctive and unique. That being said, because we’re using building blocks supplied to us by Squarespace, we don’t have absolutedesign freedom. We’ll always try to find a workaround for any special functionality or aesthetic requirements that you might have, but it’s important to keep in mind that if you have very specialised site needs, you may need to consider a custom coded job. The advantage of your site not being custom coded is that you will be able to actually maintain it yourself with zero coding knowledge. We’ll always make sure that we clarify your site requirements before committing to your website design. If we don’t believe that Squarespace is the right platform for you, we’ll be the first to let you know. Just ask our clients:

 “We would 100% recommend BorisHenry to anyone. Technically, Claire uses Squarespace. This is a very simple platform and we had quite a few technical needs. Claire researched and found work-arounds for how we could get what we needed using Squarespace, and also listed the things we wouldn’t be able to do. She was very honest about Squarespace’s (and her) limitations – again very rare as normally people will promise everything and fall down on delivery. With Claire, everything we needed was agreed upon in advance, including a strategy on how to accomplish it.” Paul Krystall, Watamu Treehouse

Will I be able to maintain my Squarespace website myself?


We think it’s really important that our clients are able to do small changes and additions to their websites without having to run up a hefty agency fee. The Squarespace backend interface – in other words, the bit that you see when you access the ‘behind the scenes’ of your site - is beautifully simple and intuitive. You don’t need to be able to code or have any knowledge of website design to be able to do simple edits and additions. As with anything new, you’ll need to be prepared to get comfortable with your sites backend interface. And this will require some fiddling and a bit of devotion. Thankfully, there are loads of free, easy to follow Squarespace video tutorials online that'll walk you through almost anything to do with your site. And, if you really come unstuck, we're just an email away.

Does BorisHenry provide training for Squarespace?


If you’d like training, we can film an introduction video explaining the core backend functions you’ll need to carry out on your website. This video will be sent to you via Google Docs and we encourage you to download it and store it on your computer for safe keeping. We prefer video training to in-person training for a few reasons. You’ll be able to revisit the video time and time again, instead of relying on a once off in-person tutorial to absorb everything. You can go through the video in your own time and at your convenience. Your video will introduce your specific site backend and will be tailored to the core functions you’ll need to carry out on your site. For example, if you run a yoga retreat business, we’ll show you how to add new retreats step-by-step.

A bespoke video tutorial costs R1200 or US$90.

Will my Squarespace account be mine and mine alone? Is it independent from BorisHenry?


When we start your site build, we’ll set up a Squarespace account in your name. At the end of the site build, we’ll send you your login details so that you can make payment for Squarespace. As soon as your site goes live, you are free to change your login information and password. This means your site is completely independent from BorisHenry. If you ever need us to jump in and design more, just send us your logins again. It also means that if you ever want to hand your site over to another design agency - while it’ll break our hearts - you have the freedom to do so so.

What do you need from me to begin my site build?

  • Proof of payment

  • A Word document with your final website content - we have a content guideline which we’re happy to share with you to help guide you on what to write.

  • Your brand imagery / photographs

  • Your logo files

What if I don't have any of my own photographs?

BorisHenry offers a sourcing service - we’ll find imagery to use on your website until you are able to have your own photoshoot one day. We always aim to find free photographs that you don’t have to pay for, though sometimes, what you’re looking for may only be available on paid photography websites. We charge R650 / hour to source photography.

How long will my new website take?

We’ll send through the first draft to you 10 business days after we get payment and your final site content.