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Claire from BorisHenry: “I once did an export to New Zealand and, during my product inspection the day before the cargo was set to fly out, I noticed that every. single. item. had been incorrectly manufactured. Every. last. one. My manufacturers managed to pull a rabbit from the hat and we miraculously got the replacement cargo onto the flight and off to the buyer in time. This stressful and very costly bugger up taught me, in the most acute way, that my business was only as strong as the weakest link. It reinforced how vital business partnerships are and how important it is to choose the right suppliers, manufacturers, people, partners, staff members. In that particular case, I was forced to find another manufacturer which ended up being the beginning of a very important relationship that opened up opportunities in my business I didn’t even know were possible.”
Claire from BorisHenry: "I am a complete and utter perfectionist. In many ways, this is a crippling weakness that has tripped me up in a number of ways in my various business pursuits. It has kept me from ‘shipping’ when the business would have benefitted from taking action sooner. It has lost time that would have been better spent elsewhere. It has brought about unrealistic and sometimes unnecessary expectations of others which has made certain relationships difficult. Mostly, ‘waiting for it to be perfect’ has been a comfort blanket that has allowed me to stall against taking the business actions that scare me most. I actively try to set limits on how much time I spend on certain tasks that I know usually trigger my perfectionist streak. I stay cognisant of what tasks scare the daylights out of me and try to get to those first before diving into tasks where I can easily get lost on the detail.”
Claire from BorisHenry: “I ran a yoga mat business, Sentiens, for many years. I was continually asked what type of yoga I did, like it was a given that I was a devoted yoga practitioner. When I told people that I didn’t do yoga, I always felt like I needed to justify this answer with details about my back injury followed immediately by how I was able to run a yoga mat business without an advanced personal practice. I guess this perception was the toughest to handle because I allowed it to make me feel ‘less than’ in my business dealings.”
Claire from BorisHenry: “I remember being approached by a big brand to produce custom printed yoga mats for them. Their first purchase was going to be 1000 units with the promise of bigger orders in the future. I was desperate, beyond words, to say yes and just figure it all out as I went! But I had literally just started to work with a new manufacturer and was only just starting to test out our working relationship. In hindsight, I now know that my manufacturers were absolutely phenomenal and that I could have said yes to the sale! It was very difficult to turn down the opportunity and especially hard to know that I could have actually confidently done it - I suppose hind sight is always 20 / 20!!”
Claire from BorisHenry: “Coffee. Sugar. Self-doubt spirals. Endless scrolling on Instagram. Not eating enough during the work day. Getting stuck doing unproductive ‘busying’ work that lets me avoid the big, scary tasks that are truly productive.”